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Hints & Tips

CV Writing Tips

Your CV is the first contact that you will have with an employer, from the employers perspective it is the only available information with which they can assess your skills and suitability. It is a marketing tool that you will be able to use to promote yourself to future employers.

Please see below a list of a Do's and Don'ts when writing your CV, you can always call the office for more detail on CV Writing.



Once you have completed your CV - learn your CV, know the information that is contained within it. Your future employer may ask a question that you are not expecting with regards to your CV and you need to know what you have written matches your answer to a question from that employer.

Interview Tips

The advice that we can offer with regards to interview tips is just common sense:

If you need any further tips or would like one of your own added to help others, please do not hesitate to email us at or call in to ask a member of staff in the office.